Photo by Alan-Michael Weatherford. 

Photo by Alan-Michael Weatherford. 



I like to write. And I like to talk.

A lot. 

It's a good thing my work lets me do both. 

Currently, I'm a multi-platform bilingual reporter for Northwest Public Broadcasting. My first byline was with The Seattle Globalist and my writing has been published in everything from college poetry collections to modern blogs like Femme Feminism. I landed the front page on the Spanish newspaper La Raza del Noroeste, and now I report for local NPR stations in the Northwest. 

Since February 2017, I also serve as the Vice President on the Seattle Globalist Board of Directors. You can also catch my work as an editor with the Sightline Institute on our Monday and Tuesday editions. 

You're most likely to find me eating while talking or talking while eating.